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Why Nursing as Career

Choosing a right career is a dilemma for most of the students . who have just completed pre - university . Every parent intend to place his / her child in to good course that would offer a bright future.
The youth must never compromise with their vision (dream) and aspiration and enter into any occupation just because ' there was no other option'.Nursing during recent time has emerged as a promising career choice(rather an option), for many young boys and girls. Till mid 20th century nursing was considered a vocation and a noble profession and young aspirants (mostly girls) who felt ' a calling ' joined.
Nursing all over the world has involved and established itself as a profession having all the charcterstics of a profession.

1.Enjoy self governance (autonomy and accountability) and devoted to quality, focused services

2.Having own body of knowledge , based on theories and research.

3.Member believe in ethical principles, having well-organized association denoted to the welfare society clients and up

Study of nursing and its practices involves hard work and excellence the same time it offers an opportunity to serve people and make good earning.

College is giving 100% job Gaurantee to B.Sc Nursing / GNM / ANM students.
    Passout students of previous batchess of B.Sc. nursing are working as lecturers is Govt / Pvt nursing college . Due to scarcity of B.Sc nursing students there is a huge demands in Govt Job in this course & 100% of GNM(staff Nurse) students are working in top most hospitals in (gov/Private)in diffrent areas & ANM (Femail Health Worker) are working also working in Govt. PHC & CHC in diffrent cities as there is a big scarcity in Govt Sector so the most Asha Bahu are looking forword for this course so that they can be regularisid /permanent is their job. For Scholarship