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Promising Career Await you at Yashraj College of Nursing

There are not many professions in the world the success of which would require you to have certain bent to personality and attitude . Nursing is one such honorable and lucky profession that demands you to be skilled and impeccable when it comes to the science of it all and also soft yet assertive when it comes to interpersonal relations and patient care .
You need compassionate health professionals who are there for the patient after the doctor has left, courageous to take a stand and demand rights for their patients so that they get the proper treatment , those who respect and love the profession to easily face its demands and pressures, vigilant enough to know what is going on with the patient's life in the hospital that is not in the case study or the medical reports, sensitive so that the the needs of the patients and their families doesn't escape them , having great inter-personal skills that come handy when they talk to hospital staff, doctors, patients, their families , etc
This is how we view the nursing -A noble field that can only be filled with dedicated and passionate nurses and health & care professionals.