Secretary Message

College is well-known for providing quality education in science and art as, Nursing is an ART and Science. One feature of our programs is to develop close working relationships between faculty and students, both inside and outside the classroom. Teaching is not just delivering content to our students, but a continuous intellectual exchange between the two parties. It is this bidirectional flow of ideas that provides an ideal environment for learning. It is through this process that teachers learn how to teach and students learn how to learn.
Quality undergraduate instruction cannot be confined to the study of well-established theories. It needs to touch the frontiers of different branches of clinical in order to provide our students with a clear vision for the future.. In this institute, faculty and students will work together on research projects to provide our students with learning through research. Students must apply the knowledge learned from different sessions to a single problem, thereby deepening their understanding of their academic disciplines. It is the collaborative nature of the research that provides mutual benefits to our faculty and students.